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Immigration law has been described as a labyrinth, written with a complexity that challenges even experienced attorneys, as well as lay persons. Without effective legal advice on Immigration law, people who wish to reside and prosper in the United States, face the challenges of understanding English, as well as the convoluted proceedings of the legal system. Walking this path without solid legal advice can result in disaster. Those persons dealing with the United States Immigration system run the risk of becoming permanently separated from their families, or the employment that they have established. There is also potential disruption for businesses when faced with the loss of essential employees who have not yet dealt effectively with the immigration system. Finally, refugee from other countries can face being returned to their countries of origin where their lives may become at risk for various political or personal reasons.

I currently assist those persons, businesses, and non-profit organizations in Oregon and Southwest Washington, in navigating the U.S. immigration system. I have been practicing law in Portland, Oregon since 1980. Nearly all of my law practice is currently devoted to immigration and its related matters. I have represented individuals and businesses from nearly every country on the globe. I am fluent in Spanish, and have two legal assistants, one of whom is bilingual in English and Spanish. My practice covers all aspects of the U.S. immigration law including filing family- based immigrant visa, or "green card" petitions for those who have established ties which are based upon blood relationships or marriage to U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR).

My practice also handles applications filed in the United States, for Adjustment of Status to a legal resident, as well as applications which are filed at U.S. consulates and embassies outside the United States pertaining to Immigrant Visas.

Employment-based immigrant and non- immigrant applications exist in visa categories such as:

  • H-1B specialty occupations,
  • L-1 intra company transfers for employees of multi-national corporations,
  • E-1/E-2 treaty traders and investors,
  • "PERM" Alien Labor Certification applications and National Interest Waivers for employees with exceptional ability.

As an attorney who specializes in immigration law, I especially take great care in assisting people in obtaining their U.S. citizenship, either by applying for naturalization or by proving that they have inherited what is referred to as a "derivative" citizenship.

One key area of my practice is defending people facing deportation (removal) hearings in either the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. On occasion, In those cases where a criminal conviction exists, it becomes acutely important to advise and consult with criminal defense attorneys on the potential immigration consequences to their clients.

For those persons whose families will face what is called "extreme hardship", there are the I-601, I-601A and I-212 Waivers of Inadmissibility, which act like pardons. If these waivers are not approved, family disruption could occur.

Political asylum for people fearing persecution in their home countries has become an increasing relevant issue. I have obtained asylum for persons from Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Rwanda, and Syria.

I am happy to help you with your immigration case. I represent people from all over the world regarding:

  • Permanent residency "green cards";
  • Naturalization and U.S. citizenship;
  • Immigrant visas and pardons also known as "waivers of inadmissibility":
    • Asylum;
    • Deportation and removal proceedings;
    • DACA/Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals;
    • Nonimmigrant visa categories such as TN, E-1 and E-2, H-1B, and L-1;
    • PERM Alien Labor Certification applications